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YouTube Health is collaborating with the World Health Summit (WHS) to offer for the first time the YouTube Health Accelerator Programme for Health creators on YouTube. The 3-month programme will be run by Little Dot Studios in the UK from September 2023 to November 2023.

Applications for the UK YouTube Health Accelerator have now closed



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What does the Accelerator Programme involve

The programme consists of a FREE 10-week bootcamp designed to help UK health creators optimise their channels, create high quality content, and build their audience. The programme is powered by Little Dot Studios. 

Ten 1-hour bootcamp sessions:

- How to be a successful creator on YouTube
- Create and master your content strategy
- How to create high impact content
- Introduction to YouTube Health features and condition based content
- How to build your audience and generate revenue
- How to create effective digital campaigns on YouTube


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What you can expect from the programme: 

- 10 training sessions offered by Little Dot Studios
- 1:1 coaching sessions for 10 creators interested in personalised advice for their YouTube channel
- The chance to apply for YouTube health product features.
- Access to practical content in between sessions including guides and tools.
- Exposure to the WHO, WHS and other relevant speakers 

Who can apply?

In order to sign up for this programme, the below criteria should be applicable:

1. You are a Healthcare Professional with an active medical licence in one of the below professions;
- Licensed Doctor
- Licensed Nurse
- Licensed Psychologist

OR You are a Health Organisation (e.g. NGO, foundation, health media, charity, etc.) producing online content with editorial oversight from a licensed healthcare professional from the same categories above (doctor, nurse or psychologist).

2. You own and operate a YouTube channel.
3. You are willing to commit to the Accelerator Programme. 
4. You are interested in creating information-based health content on YouTube.

Applications for the UK Health Accelerator have now closed

Based in Germany? View the German YouTube Accelerator page here.